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Discerning people are always happy to spend that little bit extra to make that special day, or every day, even more beautiful. But whether in the home, in the workplace, or elsewhere, this is only true when the quality is high, the choice extraordinary, and the creative touch close to unique.

Karin Maurer, the enthusiastic and inspired florist and driving force at Vivre en fleurs delivers just such style and beauty daily, by selecting only the best in flowers, plants and accessories, and by placing her highly qualified and creative team at your disposal.

This is one of the keys to Vivre en fleurs’ twenty-year success story. A formula that Karin applies whether creating bouquets for the principal ballerinas of the Kirov or Stuttgart Ballets; arrangements for the renowned operatic tenor José Carreras, or Mothers’ Day gifts and Valentine’s Day declarations of love.

And, of course, the same meticulous attention to detail demonstrated in the decoration of the parish church of Britain’s parliament, or any of the beautiful regional venues which Karin’s florists know so well, can also be seen in Vivre en fleurs’ lovely shop, at Zentralstrasse 33, Biel/Bienne and its daily creations.



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